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Tarragona, I. edició, curs acadèmic 2021-2022 – Modalitat Virtual

Within the activities of the Spanish team of the InovHumRe project, in these months we have been working on several documents. Today and next Thursday we have organized an internal discussion seminar, together with colleagues from the Magtel Foundation. In the attached document I am sending you the program. The working language will be Spanish, but if some of you are interested, it will be an honor to have you and send you the link to participate.Please, those of you who want to participate, write to Rocío so she can send you the link (Rocío Ciero Reche <>).

Online conference: “Addressing food insecurity in Africa: strategies for ensuring child-sensitive social protection” Date 9 September, 8 am -12.00 am, EST (NY time) Organizers: ICSW in cooperation with FAO, ILO, UNICEF, IASSW, UNED, KNCSW and African Platform for social protection PROGRAMA

Día nacional de las y los trabajadores sociales De lo tradicional a lo contemporáneo.

Día de la trabajadora y el trabajador social en el marco de los 60 años de trabajo social en la UAEH Perspectivas sobre el trabajo social Post CCOVID 19: la intervención social en un contexto post pandemia. Dr. Antonio López Peláez. (16-08-2021)

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