Repsol Foundation seeks innovative projects

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Since the Repsol Foundation are looking for innovative projects in the field of energy industry, mobility or the circular economy in its 8th call for the acceleration program of startups. Areas of participation: SCOPE 1: Efficiency in operations in the energy and chemical industry: development of new processes, technologies and services, aimed at improving the safety, reliability and availability of industrial plants. SCOPE 2: New materials and differentiated products: technologies associated with the obtaining or use of materials of higher added value or high performance in the chemical and energy industry, construction, home or transport. SCOPE 3: Distributed energy Resources. SCOPE 4: Digitization and Mobility: Innovative proposals in the mobility sector that create more value for people. SCOPE 5: Circular Economy and Biotech: Proposals related to the recycling and reuse of waste and reduction of GHG emissions in the energy and chemical industry. Technologies for plastic ‐ to ‐ fuel/plastic conversions and for biofuel production. SCOPE 6: New Technologies for oil and gas exploration and production: digital improvements, drilling and cementation, new materials, improved efficiency and safety in oil and gas processes and operations. Maximum registration Deadline: 4 March 2019 to 24 hours, European Central Time (CET)

Two Categories:

Category “Projects”: This category includes startups that have a new technology, sufficiently demonstrated at the laboratory level or other controlled environment. The Projects selected in the acceleration program will receive a contribution of SIX THOUSAND EUROS (€6,000) per month, in ordinary funds, throughout the acceleration process (*). Category “Ideas”: In This category are included those startups (or individuals who are going to formalize a company) that are at a level of technological development earlier than the previous. The Ideas selected in the acceleration program will receive a contribution of TWO THOUSAND (2,000) EUROS per month during the entire acceleration process (*). (*) The Acceleration Program will be held from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020 Documentation to submit, link to the Submission of Applications and all details of the call here

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