Entrepreneur Projects


Mi @ dministradora is a Farm Administration in Cordoba that is born to manage more efficiently, more agile and more transparent, working to make the owners feel really protagonists of the management of their community. They Are in charge of carrying out the tasks necessary for the fulfillment of the rights and duties inherent to the horizontal property.

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Territories and Treasures (T&T) is a project of social entrepreneurship that arises to create bridges between the urban environment and the rural environment, between the traveler and the local population, and to obtain through educational leisure activities, the generation of new attitudes and a change of cultural habits, to help sustainable development and job creation, as well as to alleviate rural depopulation, and to give visibility to new settlers and projects and initiatives that have similar objectives. We are Committed to educational leisure as a tool for transformation and social innovation.

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Being Inclusive is an inclusive fashion brand that caters to the image in an integrated way, makes fashion accessible to people who have difficulties in finding clothes that take into account their bodily and functional characteristics, and enables strategies For the participation and inclusion of this group in the world of fashion. It Offers inclusive fashion products, based on universal design, as well as image counseling and psychological support services.

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Apartrip.com is a safe and quality platform for the commercialization of Holiday Apartments, an economical alternative that offers more space, comfort and independence than the usual hotels. Apartrip.com satisfies the growing demand of tourists who prefer the apartment for their vacation.

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Bakaliko.es is a gastro-cultural space, fruit of the desire to convert a hobby into a structured project. Bakaliko.es consists of the online sale of quality Greek products imported by ourselves. Apart from the relevant information about the products, the blog of El Pensabor we deal with topics related to gastronomy within the Greek society and, in general, as a cultural phenomenon.

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IctusCare is an application for tablets and PCs created to help families with a member affected by stroke or brain damage.

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Smileat is the new brand of infant feeding 100% ecological. We Elaborate and commercialize jars of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish all of them coming from the agriculture and Spanish ecological stockbreeding. We Do Not add any preservative, dye or added sugar, but we only use seasonal fruits. We Produce artisanal, natural and ecological. Smileat products can be found in supermarkets, green shops, pharmacies, urban markets and on-line shops. To Contribute to the company our grain of sand is essential for us, therefore we make a distribution of our products in bicycle in Madrid and capital and we donate a percentage of our turnover to the Pablo Ugarte Foundation that fights against the infantile cancer. "A spoonful, a smile."

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Huge, urgent messaging on bicycles, Bicimensajería service as an option that bets on environmental sustainability, sustainable mobility and efficiency in transportation. Introducing more than ten new shipping and advertising services for Madrid and surrounding capital, Menses seeks to position itself as a solution agent, facilitator for the client and link between companies and the final consumer; What's called "Last Mille" service.

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Papiroff is a new editorial model for education. A model that will offer manuals and digital contents and a social network to schools. Based on the co-working of professors and a Freemium offer. Free content and free social network services will be managed by a foundation that will be supported with the revenues of the company's Premium services. Coworking allows to gather much more methodological variety and a wide experience, being able to cover besides general contents, very specific contents and modern methodologies that do not have place in the traditional publishers

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Integra-E is a social initiative that offers opportunities for socio-labour integration of young people at risk of exclusion through new technologies. Our Social proposal is a Comprehensive Itinerary of Inclusion comprising 3 stages: training through professional volunteering, approaching the work environment and supporting employment and entrepreneurship. The training, which we offer, revolves around two itineraries: applications and Web development. Being a more conceptual training and the maintenance of equipment and networks microinformatics, of type more manual.

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Kuorum.org is a platform for the citizen lobby. A website where elected politicians will be able to involve citizens and organizations in legislative processes. In this way politicians give visibility to their work while citizens and organizations increase their institutional participation.

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The iRegular Project is an educational project that teaches irregular verbs in a visual and interactive way. Thanks to the selfless collaboration of more than 50 people have launched the first edition of this project with 54 verbs and in app format for iPad, with free download in App Store. The iRegular Spirit is a collaborative and creative movement that emerged following the iRegularproject where a new learning methodology has been developed that links creativity, design and technology

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Escuelab is an innovative project to bring science closer to society. To this end, they develop rigorous and attractive multimedia educational materials and implement them in the form of introductory workshops to research. These workshops, which cover different areas of knowledge, combine the projection of the material, a session of questions and answers and the realization of a practical experiment. They Are A multidisciplinary team: Scientists and artists united by the vocation to achieve a real impact in the educational field, with the necessary skills to conceive, design and implement a few workshops with unique Spanish content and great social impact

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Notanraras.org is the free web that allows, to people diagnosed with a rare disease, common illness or disability, to tell their History and to collect funds to cover a punctual need always linked to that disease or disability. They Present a new way of collecting donations easier and faster than the traditional (collection of caps, solidarity careers, etc.). Associations can Also publish their research projects and apply for funding. They Created this platform altruistically with the only mission of providing a service to society that they believe necessary, since the economic benefits they obtain from public institutions are insufficient

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