Good morning to all who are following us through this blog. Today begins the academic year and we wanted to start with great strength and news. On The one hand, we will continue with the same spaces of tools, calls, etc and, of course, the V Program of Creation of Companies for Students and Graduates of the UNED, whose bases are published the next day 5 in this same link. But this year we want to count on your participation and involvement with an OPEN FORUM that serves to put certain topics in the arena and be able to guide you in what consideréis relevant to your entrepreneurial life. This Forum, although it will count every 15 days with small reflections or practical guides of professionals, it is directed to all: entrepreneurs, mentors, tutors, professionals or anyone who has a concern in the world of entrepreneurship. If you are interested in participating, you will only have to register in the following link to give you access to the forum. Welcome!