1. #emprendeUNED18, Entrepreneurship Program (4th Edition)

Noelia Cordoba Benítez Psychologist, coaching, COIE Entrepreneurship area, UNED Loreto Alonso de la Peña titled in ADE, COIE Entrepreneurship area, UNED

2. An example of research and entrepreneurship in the environmental world

Rosa María Martín Aranda Professor of the Department of inorganic Chemistry and Technical Chemistry, UNED Alvaro Enríquez de Salamanca forestry engineer and degree in CC. Environmental by UNED

3. SECOt: Evolution of Entrepreneurship

4. The Future of crowdfunding: Interview with Ángel González

We Chatted with Ángel González creator of Crowdfunding Universe and of projects like Crowdants and Cocreator of Copoliki platform of educational Crowdfunding. She is Also a lecturer and advisor to the European Union.

5. Scientific Entrepreneurship: An alternative with a future:

Álvaro Guillermo Perea Covarrubias-Dean of Students, Internships and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Sciences, UNED Paloma Ballesteros García-Professor of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, director of Soirem Research, UNED Olatz Merino Garay-Partner Responsible founder, coLares in Madrid Association Eva Martín Becerra-Biotechnology project manager, director, Kinrel Carlos Cosculluela Chocarro-Secretary, DRO Foundation (Damián Rodríguez Olivares)

6. Educational Innovation and Entrepreneurship: