Below you can see the presentations of the projects that reached the final phase of the IV Program of Business Creation #emprendeUNED18.

Adriana Soler Huete (VirtualNav/Lepidus) Creation of an R + D + I company that aims at improving and innovating in the naval sector, for this they will offer projects of own creation or development of projects proposed by third parties applying the last Computer and simulation technologies, as well as other engineering techniques. Its Vocation is to implement technologies to shipbuilding to convert shipyards to 4.0 companies. The project arises from the personal and professional experience of the project promoter in the naval sector, and in particular in the shipyards, a field in which the same tools have been applied for several decades and in which the possibilities of improvement are wide. Click here to watch the video of VirtualNav/Lepidus


Angela Modroño (Tailor's Drawer)
Creation of a fashion design company Pret-A-couture clothing Especialiada at the time working the recreations using artisan techniques recovering techniques that are being lost in Spanish territory. In a second part of the long-term project about 5-8 years will be given training on the different handicrafts recuperades in courses and work on the creation of cooperatives in rural areas where they impart this teaching with the aim D power Psteriormente Nutrtir to the Brand with your products.

  César Gimeno Valverde (RoboDiag)

The objective of this company is to develop a platform to evaluate the symptoms of a person who is ill and to find the origin that causes them. But not only that but also be able to make a recommendation of the most suitable specialist according to cause as well as other parameters of the patient. Click here to watch the video of RoboDiag

  Pilar Piqueras (Monigots) physical and online Store of children's literature and educational games adapted to small populations so that the Internet and department stores are not the only channels to bring children closer to be able to find books with stories Different and interesting games that help to develop and empower children's abilities to have the skills they have.. It Is the option where to find resources for parents, grandparents, uncles, friends of the children and even the children themselves so that the imagination can be the protagonist and not have to leave the town to be able to have it. Click here to watch the video of Monigots

Pamela Borraz (Ekoberri)

Our product is the ecological production of fruits of the forest, especially blueberries very demanded and with great international market, by-products with their surplus: energetic bars, yoghurts, beer of blueberries, bread of blueberries and fruits of the forest. Honey from the beehives installed in the lines of our blueberries. Our Services: Healthy and ecological production of autochthonous products without phytosanitary. Click here to watch the video of Ekoberri

  Luis Javier Fernández Tudela (Thermodron) Carrying out non-destructive tests by means of drones (END). Specializing in the sector of industrial engineering, civil and architecture. These tests are performed by means of infrared thermography, ultrasound and environmental pollution meters, all of them integrated in drones. Click here to see the video of the Thermodron

Sara Rodríguez Romero (C-See) C-I SEE is a pioneering social network in the field of human resources. Nowadays, for professional reasons, in Spain and in the European Union many workers want to move from one place to another. C-I SEE is a quick and effective way to seek employment or skilled workers. Its main feature is its new format: videos less than 200 seconds in length where candidates will have to present themselves and explain their capabilities or do remote language tests. This allows valuing not only intellectual competencies, but also emotional intelligence (form of expression, body language, gestures, etc.) and on the other hand considerably expedites the curricular screens and selection processes. The videos will always be accompanied by a CV in digital format that will help to expand the information of the users. Click here to watch the video of C-I See

Alain BERNARD (Issósceles) In The workshop will offer a training offer where you can learn to use different tools, such as numerical control, laser engraving, wood and metal lathe, graphic design tools, stamping, personalization, Serigraphy, basic electronics through Arduino, electro-pneumatic circuits, etc. Click here to watch the video of Issósceles

Ilie Adrian Hello (ValTeck) Peritaciones that are realized and, consequently, our clients, like their respective clients, have access in Real Time with a private access and controlled to the corresponding expert reports of the vehicles, that are Found in the database of the platform. The platform has different models of appraisal, previously customized according to the demands of our customers who also have our advice on the subject. We Must highlight the implementation of new technologies such as 3D images and QR code system for each expert report issued, which can be accessed at any time, place and through any computer device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone). Click here to watch the video

Carmen Oliva (AREFA) This Project aims to help the problems of coexistence in the educational centers for this they will carry out the following actions: to Support and to Orient to the parents in the education of the minors and to offer them an educational space that Contribute different experiences in the family context. To Carry Out informative sessions and theoretical-practical workshops directed to parents and their children for potency the relations between them. Click here to watch the video of AREFA

MANUEL EIRAs RODRÍGUEZ (RunFozRun) Our activity is focused on the management of sporting events related to popular athletics or "running", generating an added value for the client/broker that will certainly make the difference. This project consists in the commercialization of an integral service for the organization and management of sporting events where the client can design the service to its measure starting from the timing and generation of classifications and providing services Complementary ones that will generate an added value and act as a differentiating element in the events that we manage. Among These complementary services we can cite the possibility of lectures and trainings with elite athletes, real-time geolocation of each athlete through a mobile application, videos, photographs and training plans to runners. Included in the inscription, negotiation with suppliers and sponsors, image design of the event, sale and rental of reusable chips and dorsals as well as beaconing material, analysis and optimal design of travel profiles… Click here to watch the video of RunFozRun  

  Francisco Javier Díaz García (Cumplyme) The CUMPLYME Project is an independent virtual platform to support regulatory compliance. We Offer Companies the tools and accompaniment necessary for the legal person to establishing an authentic ethical culture in order to avoid the commission of actions detrimental to the organization by any of the natural persons that the They compose and that with their performance they can commit it. Click here to watch the video of CUMPLYME

  María Fondevila Hernández (Meshmood) My business idea is the production in organic fabric of kimonos with graphically designed prints by computer. This idea comes from my experience in detecting trends, to intuit a need and attraction on the part of the public to this type of garments, and the possibility of producing the product in different tissues, stressing the importance for the skin of using products Ecological and its implications at the level of health, tact, etcetera. I think it is a versatile and value-added garment. The sale of the product will be made through an online store, where the customer can choose the product that best suits their tastes and characteristics. Also, this web will be linked to a platform of sale in Instagram and the publicity will be mainly through this and other social networks.