RENACE_Programa of Second Opportunity for the Promotion of the Re-entrepreneurship in the Region of Murcia

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Since the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia, have launched a project to recover those business projects that suffered the effects of the crisis and want to re-start a business project. A plan that includes advice, funding and aid. In particular:

  • Diagnosis in a report explaining to the interested party the result of it.
  • In Case of Conformity, a feasibility proposal for the ASP is made.
  • Election of the legal and Economic Adviser and presentation before the Mercantile Register and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Appointment of the bankruptcy mediator
  • and inclusion in Training and Training Programmes and Initiatives

If you are interested, you must present the application form and the documentation requested at or at the Electronic Headquarters of the Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia. You can Still request to participate in this program, since they do not have a defined deadline (consultation made to February 26, 2019). ALL info here

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