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In Terms of marketing what it is about is to listen to the market and understand the needs of people to transform them into products and services that respond to these demands. Creating a blog is a good way to make contacts, improve your personal brand and stand out among your competitors. But to do this, the contents must contribute something to your prospects, outmanoeuvre in techniques and strategies to help them in their business. You should Also be aware that an unattended blog is worse than a non-existent blog. Therefore, before launching into this adventure, consider the time, dedication and periodicity of it, and weighs its advantages and disadvantages. If you still throw yourself, here are some marketing strategies for bloggers:-Social networks: Choose the RRSS (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) in which you will participate valuing the best option for your business and optimize your Time, identifies the most relevant authors and followed in your sector to comment on their content and promote them in order to stand out among their followers and the author himself. It Is a strategy with which you will build a very important network of contacts in the medium/long term. -Comment on other blogs and write articles as a guest: When you comment on other blogs, you are leaving readers a link where you can read, so it is a great way to attract new readers if you publish interesting and useful content, it is even possible that The authors of the blogs where you comment end up becoming your own readers. In Addition, you can try to participate in other blogs as a guest, contacting the blogger with a request to collaborate, while you thank him for his effort and dedication in his blog. It Is important that you give yourself and the best of you in this publication to stand out before your audience and be able to get new readers. -Offline Networking: Do not forget the contacts in real life, as you have a coffee or eat with other entrepreneurs, attend events, forums, conferences, etc. It can be useful to strengthen ties and get collaborations, so that both bloggers help you. It May be interesting to publish content generated through these meetings, such as interviews in which bloggers present each other and ask questions. -Webinars: This is to offer seminars/workshops online where a discussion on a topic is given through a platform (*), with the consequent round of questions from the participants. It Is a highly valued service by reducing the travel costs of both the rapporteur and the attendees, improving the personal brand by enhancing the feedback and the relations between the attendees. It Is advisable to finish the webinar by calling the action, launching a limited offer or proposal for readers of your blog or even only for the participants of the webinar. (*) at a certain cost depending on the number of participants.   It Is necessary to have the ideas and the very clear objectives when publishing the content of your blog, as well as relating to relevant people in the sector. This way you can grow your audience and with it your potential customers. Become a benchmark through your blog!    

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