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Agenda 2030 _ Plan of Action for its Implementation and an opportunity for Innovation

Long Ago we talked to you in this blog about the importance of taking advantage of existing needs as the basis of your idea of entrepreneurship. In this sense, we share the Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development that publishes and that extends the actions of the Horizon 2030 that are intended to undertake.                 In Addition, we share a meeting that will take place on June 7 in Madrid: #Imperdible_04 of COTEC, with the collaboration of the City of Madrid, aims to raise awareness of these objectives and the fundamental role of innovation for the achievement of the 17 ODS. Good Weekend!


The PAEM (Entrepreneurship Support Program for Women) is an initiative created in the year 2000 by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, aimed at women with entrepreneurial restlessness, who want to create their company, or who need grants or subsidies for their company. It Has the financial support of the European Social Fund and the Institute of Women and the Equality of Opportunities of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality Offer from online training or counseling to a Networking network between women and companies Led by women. It Also includes demands and offers posed by this network of businesswomen on topics as varied as: Search for Partners and business collaboration; Foreign Trade; Purchase/sale of products; Business Know-How; Training Franchises Transfer, rental or sale of business premises; Information Technology; Employment Provision of services; Suppliers Teleworking. You Can Access all the details here

Entrepreneurship and Women

This week, before the celebration, on the 8th of March, of the International Day of working Women, we will put the focus on women entrepreneurs.

The Role of women

According To data collected in the Map of Entrepreneurship 2018, developed by South Summit Madrid, for the first time, the percentage of women founders of startups in Spain grows. According to this report, it is 22% compared to 18% in 2017. In Addition, women-led startups have a lower failure rate (22% versus 51% of projects that have men in front) and especially are focused on undertaking in the education sector. In fact, according to data from the GEM España Report 2017-2018 the gap between men and women at the time of embarkation has been steadily declining since 2013. Despite these undoubtedly hopeful results, the GEM 2018-2019 (Global entrepreneurship Monitor) report reveals that Spain is still far from the 6 countries with parity in the venture. Therefore, throughout this week we will give special visibility to programs, AIDS and Entrepreneurial initiatives be attentive!