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Doing a brainstorming can help. Many times, the sources from which good ideas arise, which lead to business opportunities, are very diverse. These ideas are usually found closer than you can imagine. Basically, the generation of ideas is important because they are the engine that drives the creation of more and better companies. For this reason, you can learn to orient your imagination and your creative potential to find original and profitable business ideas where you never thought of it before. The invitation We make to you is that, as a future entrepreneur, you will observe with great attention the daily life and the economic life. Brainstorming, storming of ideas or thinking are equivalent terms to designate this technique that allows to generate a lot of new ideas related to a topic or question, through "spontaneous accumulation". It Is A creative technique that helps to explore alternatives, create possibilities or options on any problem you have. You can only do a brainstorming, but it is most advisable to use this technique with several people, and if they are of competences or different professions better yet, because it is demonstrated the strength of teamwork and oriented to achieve goals. Phases:

  1. It Defines the situation in a positive way, as a creative challenge.
  2. Define a time limit. You Can't stay at this point indefinitely. If a second round is to be made, it will be done later (no more than 20 minutes).
  3. Don't criticize. At this point all ideas "are worth".
  4. Select The five ideas that fit the most.
  5. Write Five criteria so that you can judge which ideas may give solution to the defined situation.
  6. Value each idea from 0 to 5 points, to find the one that best square with our goal of entrepreneurship.

Three ideas to keep in mind to make it effective:

  • On an equal footing, a group of creative people can see the problems from different perspectives and have the ability to quickly produce many different kinds of ideas.
  • To Create as many ideas as possible, it is necessary To separate the generation of ideas from the evaluation. That is Why it is good To establish certain minimum rules previously.
  • Avoiding any external pressure would favor a positive result

In short, the important thing is To produce many ideas, even if they seem silly or crazy. And one last thought: "What drives and drags the world are not machines but ideas." Victor Hugo

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