Pluriactivity and Retirement

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Today we want to try to clarify an important issue that generates a multitude of doubts: how they compute the years quoted for the collection of the pension in situation of pluriactivity (as salaried and autonomous jointly) We Want to emphasize the pluriactivity Specifically, since it is becoming more and more common with the peculiarity that they receive income from two sources: one for work yields and another for professional activities. The Pluriactivity has an impact on the retirement pension because in this situation more money is being provided to the "Pension piggy bank". Does This make It possible to charge two pensions? Yes, if the necessary requirements are met in each of the schemes:

  • The period of lack: which consists of having quoted a minimum of 15 years
  • And that they have been quoted, at least two years, in the period of 15 years prior to the retirement application.

In the case of not having generated entitlement to two pensions, the periods will be totalized, and the workers will retire by the scheme in which they are quoting at the time of applying for the retirement. If The latter case is not fulfilled, it will cause retirement by the regime in which it has been quoted more years. And Finally, if the contributions have been overlapped over time, those that have occurred in the non-retirement scheme may accrue to those of the scheme for which retirement is accessed for the purposes of calculating the regulatory base , without under any circumstances the maximum contribution base established by law can be exceeded at any time. In Summary, to make an estimate of the retirement pension we will take into account all the periods quoted in the different regimes, both by the General Regime and by the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers. I Hope you have clarified and serve to make your retirement as enjoyable as possible.

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