Are you thinking of selling your product or service on Facebook?

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From The associated center of the UNED of Pontevedra invite us, through a course 100% practical, to know the 10 keys that make a service or product sold on Facebook. According to the report of the Association for Media Research (AIMC), more and more there is a percentage of the population that performs most of their purchases over the Internet. Facebook allows you to create a store on the Internet and sell directly to the fans, if you are able to create a kindred and trust community to buy. Aprovéchalo! Are more than 15 million of potential customers. Attends the course that will take place on September 22nd from 10:00 to 14:00. Program:-Differences between a personal profile and a company page. -How The company pages work and what their advantages are. -Special Considerations before you open a Facebook page. -Main errors you should avoid in managing an account. -Step-by-step Description of the technique to get more sales and customers. -Creation and configuration from the ground up of a company page. -How to manage the page and publish different contents that help to create and increase your audience. -How to automate content publishing. -Stores on Facebook and how to sell in them. • More information: Centro Associated UNED Pontevedra Rúa de Portugal 1 36162 Pontevedra 986851850/    

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