Inbound Recruiting Workshop | 20 DEC-ONLINE (Webinar)

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"Publishing in portals and praying only you will be reaching 15% of the candidates. Can you Imagine all the talent you'll be missing in that 85%? To reach the best candidate, traditional methods are no longer useful. The solution is called inbound Recruiting "more and more companies are betting on this methodology and achieve excellent results. They Have gone from waiting for the candidates passively to attract and fall in love throughout the selection process. Do You Want to be one of them?  Jaime Puig invites you to a very practical session in which share a myriad of techniques and success stories. What will you learn in this Free Session?

  • How to identify and communicate the purpose of your company
  • How build an irresistible Employer Branding for talent.
  • Steps to start a successful inbound Recruiting strategy.
  • Real Cases of companies such as Mcdonald's, PcComponentes and Decathlon.

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