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Agenda 2030 _ Plan of Action for its Implementation and an opportunity for Innovation

Long Ago we talked to you in this blog about the importance of taking advantage of existing needs as the basis of your idea of entrepreneurship. In this sense, we share the Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development that publishes and that extends the actions of the Horizon 2030 that are intended to undertake.                 In Addition, we share a meeting that will take place on June 7 in Madrid: #Imperdible_04 of COTEC, with the collaboration of the City of Madrid, aims to raise awareness of these objectives and the fundamental role of innovation for the achievement of the 17 ODS. Good Weekend!

Factory of Ideas-XI Edition of the Day of the Entrepreneurship (Melilla)

The Conference was organized by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Public Administration of the Autonomous City of Melilla and coordinated by the Program of Agents of Employment and Local Development (program co-financed by the Autonomous City of Melilla and the SEPE). In turn and to expand the range of services offered, several collaborators were asked to participate among those who were the COIE of the UNED-Melilla. This year, through the motto “Welcome to the factory of ideas”, offered a full panorama of the services, supports and resources that entrepreneurs have to create and consolidate their companies, including the service that is provided from the COIE of The UNED. With the experiences and knowledge of Pilar Jericho, Jesús Vega and Javier Luxor, a success. You Can see the photos of the event here Companions Congratulations!

#Imperdibles Event of the COTEC Foundation in Madrid

The COTEC Foundation, celebrates the next 23rd and 24th of November a meeting in Madrid on Cities and Innovation. This event is part of its #imperdibles, a source of entrepreneurial inspiration for many as they bring innovation to all audiences. You Can See the program here When: 23 and 24 NOVEMBER from 10:00 to 21:00 Where: FERNÁN GÓMEZ CENTRO CULTURAL DE LA VILLA + PLAZA DE COLÓN dibleCotec are special, unique and collectible events to bring the n to the citizens, Organized by

Closing Ceremony and presentation of the Awards #emprendeUNED18 of the COIE of the UNED

The next 15th of June, will take place the Closing Ceremony and Award ceremony of the IV Program of Creation of companies for students and graduates of the UNED, #emprendeUNED18. It Will Be held in the auditorium of the building “Escuelas Pías”, of the Associated Center of Madrid (Street of the Tribulee, 14, 28012, Madrid) During This event, the finalists of the program of this year will expose their projects and will be presented of the prizes 2018. Continue reading