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The PAEM (Entrepreneurship Support Program for Women) is an initiative created in the year 2000 by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, aimed at women with entrepreneurial restlessness, who want to create their company, or who need grants or subsidies for their company. It Has the financial support of the European Social Fund and the Institute of Women and the Equality of Opportunities of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality Offer from online training or counseling to a Networking network between women and companies Led by women. It Also includes demands and offers posed by this network of businesswomen on topics as varied as: Search for Partners and business collaboration; Foreign Trade; Purchase/sale of products; Business Know-How; Training Franchises Transfer, rental or sale of business premises; Information Technology; Employment Provision of services; Suppliers Teleworking. You Can Access all the details here

Women's Weekend TOUR for practical orientation, training and networking

Women's Weekend TOUR is aimed at women who have worked their business idea, but need practical guidance to put it into operation; Also those who, having their own business, want to grow it, continue training and learn more about entrepreneurship and strategy; And even those who wish to meet other entrepreneurs to be inspired, to be connected to enhance their entrepreneurship or to share challenges and learning. Continue reading