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Resources for Entrepreneurs

Good morning to Tod @ s, One more week, we want to share resources that we consider useful for you. This time, we sweep for our house: The UNED makes available to all stakeholders a series of radio programs, short duration courses and Moocs that can give you the necessary notions to cover your project, or solve a specific need in their Development, in the shortest time and cost possible. Continue reading


Today, from this blog, we provide information on a range of training resources for you, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, you can get the most out of your idea or your business. You Can take a look at the different and varied courses (online and/or in-presence) that we believe will help you in your professional way as they belong to different key themes to bring your ideas to success. Continue reading

Are you thinking of selling your product or service on Facebook?

From The associated center of the UNED of Pontevedra invite us, through a course 100% practical, to know the 10 keys that make a service or product sold on Facebook. According to the report of the Association for Media Research (AIMC), more and more there is a percentage of the population that performs most of their purchases over the Internet. Continue reading