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Free Marketing Audit Tool

From Malaga undertakes, Unit of creation of companies of Promálaga (municipal Company of the City Council of Malaga), have generated a tool of free access that allows to make a diagnosis of the situation in the area of Marketing of our company or project. Through a battery of multiple choice questions, you get a percentage of evaluation and at the same time forwards a PDF report with a descriptive assessment and corrective measures to optimize the marketing strategy based on our responses. We provide the link here.  Continue reading

Elevator Pitch

Although with a day of delay, we wanted to share with you something that we have been going around since the last edition of our Business Creation Program: The preparation of your Elevator Pitch. For Those projects that you are at that time (either in the idea phase, in development, or in expansion of it) in which you need a little push, be clear what to say and how it is fundamental. Then we give you some clues of what to consider in your preparation. Continue reading