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National Final of the Global Management Challenge Spain

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain hosted yesterday Wednesday March 14th the National Final of Global Management Challenge Spain, the largest competition in strategy and business management of the world based on simulation and focused on young students and entrepreneurs. Eight teams have come to this end after having been surpassing different phases in an edition that has counted with 464 teams participating. Continue reading

New and important bonuses for disabled self-employed in this 2018

The new Autonomous Law and the increase of the flat rate has led to the first month of 2018, 72,000 people have been discharged as self-employed.  New aid and bonuses have been created to make this process more bearable. These incentives to job creation can also be enjoyed by people with disabilities, who, besides enjoying the existing bonuses at the general level, have some specific:-Hiring for others of the children with Disability of self-employed workers. It has been facilitated the recruitment, even if the coexistence in the same domicile, of the children with a recognized disability is maintained-Increase of the deductible expenditure of the premiums of the sickness insurance. With regard to the expenses deductible in the INCOME TAX, the new regulation admits the premiums of sickness insurance satisfied by the self-Subsidy in the quota of self-employed to conciliate. There Is A 100% bonus of the 12-month self-employed for the care of a disabled family member. -Increase of the Flat Rate: If You have already subsidized this measure before you will only have to wait 3 years (before it was 4) to return to benefit from it. In Addition, people with disabilities are entitled to a plus; Once you finish the 12-month period enjoying reduced fees of €50 you will have 4 more years with a discount of 50% of your fee.   Information retrieved from Infoautónomos


Do you Need a space to develop your business plan or a workspace where to start? The areas of coWORKing are the infrastructures you need. Coworking fosters stable relationships between professionals from different sectors that can lead to client-supplier relationships. In any case it is common to generate a feeling of belonging to a community, beyond the effective linkages, among the workers who frequent the spaces of coworking. We Already have spaces available and located all over Spain. In This case I will tell you about the Network of companies of the Community of Madrid whose use is given temporarily and free have the function of supporting entrepreneurs in the elaboration of their business plans and provide a workspace to those projects and Mpresariales that develop their business activity mainly in the headquarters of their clients. Here you can get to know virtually the free coworking spaces of the Community of Madrid. More information


Directorate-General of Industry and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises The process of establishing and starting up a company is a difficult task, not because of its complexity, but also because of the industriousness of the procedure to formalize the Constitution. Before starting with the administrative procedures it is necessary to analyze the business idea and develop the project. In this way it will be possible to make a study of its viability and to select the appropriate legal form. The DGIPYME offers a business simulator for certain sectors of activity that evaluates the level of maturity in the management. It Also allows the entrepreneur to describe and analyze the technical, economic and financial viability of his project, offering him, moreover, the possibility of translating his idea into different economic scenarios, through the realization of a Company Plan. Finally, before creating a company, the entrepreneur needs to know the corporate type that best suits his needs. To this end, DGIPYME puts at its disposal a guided environment that facilitates the choice of the legal form and provides information about each one of them. The creation of a company can be carried out in person and for some types of mercantile companies, in a telematic way. For The latter case, the CIRCE program allows the creation of the following corporate forms through telematics: individual Entrepreneur (self-employed), Limited Liability Company (SRL), New Company Limited Partnership (SLNE) and Community of goods. We inform You of the process of incorporation and the procedures to follow for the start up of the company both in person and in a telematic form. It Also gives access to the map of the Points of Attention to the Entrepreneur (PAE) to which the entrepreneur can go when seeking advice. Finally, information is provided on the aid and incentives for the creation of companies convened by the public administrations and related agencies. (CLICK HERE AND YOU WILL FIND ALL THE INFORMATION ENLARGED)  


The FinTech is the answer to non-covered needs by the traditional banking sector to the claimants of financial products and services. Startups based on new technologies that seek to capture part of the market dominated by large banks, which are often uninnovative or slow in adopting new innovative solutions, as well as understanding and providing services with new solutions Financially to their customers. The banking industry has traditionally been based on the relationship between the manager and the client with ubiquitous distribution networks (offices). Eight years Ago, in Spain there were 40,565 bank branches of which today there are only 27,863 (the same number as there were in 1987). The Fintech offer an innovative service, totally digital (paperless), cheap and operational 24 hours a day from any device. O
bviously, traditional entities are trying to close the door to new starters, accelerating their transformation into the digital world. They Have a huge resources: money, experience and technology. They Lack however a critical variable: time, and are losing another very valuable: talent.
The talent that they are able to attract and the speed at which these transformations are happening are the main advantages of startups that are able to develop services in days or weeks compared to the months or years of traditional banks. Will startups Be fast enough to enter through the door while open or will banks be able to close it in time? Among the main keys to understand the FinTech Revolution, the following are noteworthy: 1. Changing Consumer Preferences 2. Speed 3. Flexibility 4. Transparency 5. Comfort 6. Weakened Image of traditional banking 7. Increased presence of millennials and digital natives 8. More offer 9. More customer orientation than the productoMayor offer 10. Increase in the number of people with internet access The newspaper El ReFerenta has carried out an exhaustive analysis of all the platforms linked to the sector Este 2017 and draws the following conclusions: From The total of startups identified (275) 18% lacks Activity (50). More than half of the identified startups have been founded in the last 4 years. 35% of the fintech have been founded in Madrid against 20% of Barcelona.