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Madrid City Council Entrepreneurs Award

Convened the 8TH edition of the Entrepreneurial Prize to promote, promote, support, promote and motivate women’s entrepreneurial capacity. The main objective of this award is to contribute to the recognition of original, creative and innovative projects undertaken by women to promote and boost the female entrepreneurship, as well as the generation of employment and increase of the economic activity of The city of Madrid. Continue reading

Two years of flat rate for self-employed of small municipalities

The General Budgets 2018 agreed recently, and in the absence of approval, include a new measure for freelancers announced in the last hours to Bombo and saucer. We refer to the expansion of the flat rate for self-employed of small municipalities. The entrepreneurs who develop their activity in populations with less than 5,000 inhabitants, could enjoy an additional year of flat rate to approve these budgets. Therefore, the time to enjoy the Social Security quota of 50 euros for these beneficiaries would reach two years. Continue reading

Expofranchise of April 19-21, 2018 at IFEMA (Madrid)

ARE YOU AN ENTREPRENEUR AND LOOKING FOR A SOLID BRAND IN WHICH TO SUPPORT YOU TO SET UP YOUR OWN BUSINESS? You’Re in luck. This Week of the 19-21 is celebrated EXPOFRANCHISE in Madrid (IFEMA). Discover new opportunities and offers in franchises, as well as all the information to choose rightly one that fits within your budget, preferences and business concerns and get the key advice to start your business. Continue reading


Do you work once in a while or in things you don’t like? Do You Have an idea and don’t know how to make it profitable? Perhaps the time has come to review the search strategies you use, analyze your professional goals, or learn how to create your own business. In any of these situations-to find a job or create it-, we can help you. Therefore, we offer you a free course in MADRID where you will learn all this, along with other young people like you. We Only ask for illusion, you win and, most importantly, trust. Continue reading


Know The seven bonuses to promote youth employment in 2018, which were introduced by Royal Decree Law 4/2013 of 22 February by the Entrepreneurship and Employment Strategy and supplemented in 2014 by the package of "urgent Measures for Growth, competitiveness and efficiency "and include an important series of new bonuses. These Are six measures that offer an interesting range of possibilities when hiring young people (or over 45 years old) that can be very attractive for many freelancers and SMEs. These Are temporary bonuses that will be maintained until the unemployment rate falls from 15%.

  • 100% Social Security Bonuses for self-employed or microenterprises who hire young people indefinitely part-time or whole-day.
  • Bonuses of 100% of Social Security contributions for young self-employed who hire an unemployed person over 45 years old.
  • Bonuses of 100% of Social Security contributions for companies or freelancers for hiring part-time youth with training links.
  • Bonuses for three years of Social Security contributions for companies or freelancers who temporarily hire young people without work experience and transform them into indefinite within a few months.
  • Bonuses of 50% of the Social Security contributions for companies or freelancers who hire internships for young people without work experience.
  • Three-year Allowances for Social Security contributions for cooperatives or labor societies that incorporate young people as working partners or workers in the General Social Security Scheme.

To Learn more detailed and outlined you can see the brochure descriptive SEPE clicking HERE