Health Promotion Practices in university students. International project

Funded project: Institutional Strengthening, Development Cooperation and SDG 2021 Plan of the UNED

This project aims to develop and implement actions in health promotion, with the objective of facilitating and accompanying university students in the incorporation of healthy practices in their lives. To this end, we will count on the international collaboration of five universities in four countries: UNED (Spain), Universidade do Minho (Portugal), Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Mexico) and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez and Universidad Tarapacá (Chile). Through health promotion campaigns at these universities, the aim is to reach their university population. Personalized follow-up will be offered to students, who will be monitored for 3 months. These volunteers will be monitored during this time in the evolution of their desire to reduce their dietary intake and increase their physical activity, through the advice given in the WHO document (2004).

The results of this study are intended to help university authorities and their health professionals to design protocols for healthy practices and to design more effective and personalized intervention programs, which will result in greater success in establishing health promotion campaigns among their students. This initial proposal will help us to develop and test communication and intervention tools that can be applied to large groups and in massive health promotion campaigns, using the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

  • Principal Researcher: Luis Ángel Saúl
  • Amount Awarded: 4,000€.
  • Funding Entity: Project funded through the Institutional Strengthening, Development Cooperation and SDG 2021 Plan of the UNED.
  • Call for proposals: Grants for the implementation of Europa+ projects.
  • Application reference: 2022-COO-0004
  • Start date: 01/01/2022
  • End date: 31/12/2022