Other projets

Study of the Construction Systems of Personal Meanings

Project to improve both the conceptual foundation of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) and the measurement of the personal construction system, that is, the “mapping” of the space of dimensions of personal meaning. This project proposes a review and update of the Grid Technique (TR) through (a) an algorithm for computing the complexity of the construct system through the Structural Quadrant Method (SQM) and (b) the use of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) as a system modeling and simulation tool, as well as (c) an update of the methods for analyzing self-characterizations (ACs) and other personal narratives. The combination of all this will allow to found a solid mathematical and conceptual basis for prototyping, modeling and use in simulation of virtual augmented reality environments guided by algorithms derived from the participant’s own subjective vision of the world.

Personal Meanings and Identity

In this study, we consider the possibility of building a bridge between Kelly’s PCP and the new multifactorial models of identity. Given the enormous complexity of each person’s self-concept, we wonder if the information we collect with IRT is sufficiently representative of that vast self-knowledge so that, for example, the self-construction profiles can be considered reliable in the field of evaluation. psychological. We also try to answer whether the Repertory Grid Technique is biased towards the more authentic than communal contents, by the mere formulation of the questions that we use to elicit the constructs.

The purpose of the study:

Characterize what type of content is most likely to capture the Repertory Grid Technique: agentic or communal? Individual, relational or collective? Which ones does it leave out? What relevance do these constructs have for the subject? Are they the most important, or perhaps not so important? In short, since a small sample of personal meanings is necessarily what can be gathered with this and any other instrument, how representative or approximate is the image that it offers of the subject’s self-concept?


Study on cognitive complexity


  • To investigate the validity of different rep grid cognitive differentiation indices
  • To develop a measure of cognitive integration
  • To explore the predictive validity of cognitive both differentiation and integration indices