International study for health promotion II: evaluation of the effectiveness of web-based intervention programs

Funded project: Institutional Strengthening, Development Cooperation and SDG 2020 Plan of the UNED

This project aims to continue the ODS funded project of the UNED (2020-085-UNED-PROY), to identify psychological variables and cognitive conflicts that facilitate or hinder the acquisition and maintenance of healthy habits in people interested in improving their health habits. The present proposal aims to extend this project by exploring the effectiveness of web-based healthy habits intervention programs, with an international study (Spain, Mexico, Chile and Portugal). To this end, in each of the countries collaborating in the project, the aim is to recruit volunteers who want to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits among the four countries involved. These volunteers will be subject to various experimental intervention conditions and will be monitored for three months on the evolution of their personal desire to reduce weight by controlling and reducing their food intake and increasing their physical activity.

  • Principal Researcher: Luis Ángel Saúl
  • Amount Awarded: 5.000€.
  • Funding Entity: Project funded through the Institutional Strengthening Plan, Development Cooperation and SDG 2021 of the UNED.
  • Call for proposals: Grants for the implementation of University Cooperation Projects and the Sustainable Development Goals 2021.
  • Application reference: 2021- 097- UNED- PROJECT
  • Start date: 01/10/2020
  • End date: 31/12/2023