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Audits It includes all the necessary tools for the implementation and management of a quality systems evaluation system, automating a large number of procedures and tasks.

Guided in the implementation of quality systems

• Management of the preparation of the center for the implementation of a quality system.
• Self-evaluation of the state of the center for possible certification.

Identification and management of actors

• System of roles and permits for the different actors of the audits.
• Protection of information depending on assigned roles.
• Adaptation of the application according to the roles.
• Customized vision of the information and actions according to the role.
• Management of trained personnel.

Automation of actions

• Creation of meetings.
• Issuance of reports.
• Preparation of phases.
• Notification emails.
• Creation and management of flow charts (together with the corresponding tool).
• Generation of surveys.
• List of the status of the centers and their audits.

Data collection

• History of actions performed in each audit.
• Significant incidents of each audit phase.
• Collection of findings and evidence for the creation of reports.
• Calculation of compliance of supports and processes.
• Results of surveys.
• Conclusions of meetings.

Making the job of auditing simple

Configure, use, consult and maintain: the guide, the supports, reports, warnings, certificates, surveys, permits, actors ... All this from a simple application focused on guiding users in each of the tasks and processes that involve the performance of an audit of quality systems

Custom tasks

• Distinction of tasks by roles that allows a personalized vision of the application.
• Monitoring of the tasks performed.
• Notice of deadlines to the personnel involved.
• Management of available resources for each phase.

Automatic notices

• Phase changes.
• Requirements for signatures of documents.
• Pending tasks.
• Call for meetings.
• Availability of documentation.
• Appointment in audits.

Generation of documents

• Display of provisional reports for verification.
• Issuance of final reports.
• Regeneration, invalidation or replacement of generated reports.
• Signature of reports by the issuer.
• Issuance of certificates.
• Call and minutes of meetings.

Electronic signature

• Implementation of an electronic signature system for reports and documents.
• Notice of request to sign a document.
• Documents pending signature section.

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