Dr. Burguera is lecturer of Constitutional law at the UNED. She got an European PhD in Law by this same university and graduated in Political Science (2005) and Sociology (2018). She has taught in the Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU (2011-2012) and in the Universidad Católica de San Antonio (2004-2007). She has teaching experience in Constitutional and EU Law since 2004 and she is the author of several peer review articles and book chapters. She was awarded the Prize for best thesis research in Political Science (2011) by the Congreso de los Diputados. Her research activities are focus on freedom of speech in the political process and the electoral law in Spain and European Union. She has made research stays in differents universities and research centers: Dipartimento di diritto dell’Economía, Law University, Siena (Italia), Regent University School of Law, Virginia (EEUU), Institut für Offentliches Rechts und Verwaltungslehre, Colonia (Germany), School of Politics and International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Nottingham (UK). She was assistant academic secretary of the Faculty of Law-UNED (2017- 2019), academic Secretary of the Master in European Union (2015-2020), since 2009 assistant Secretary of  Revista de Derecho Político and since 2019, Vicerrectora adjunta of Postgraduate studies at the National Distance Education University-UNED.

Twitter: @leyrebur