INOOC in the Cycle of Conferences of the SNE (Spanish Nuclear Society): Competences for the 21 Century

The Spanish Nuclear Society presented the cycle “21 Century Competences” with a conference / webinar that included the participation of the speakers who will develop each of the competencies in different sessions along 2018.


– Berenger Bríquez (TMC Spain). Work in the 21st century.
– Vicento Prieto (Apertia). Connection with others.
– María Lorente (New Worlds Group). Critical thinking
– Carlos Merino (UAM). Innovation and creativity.
– Ángeles Sánchez-Elvira (UNED). Lifelong Learning and Digital Competence. INOOC
– Mercedes Alonso (UNED). Lifelong Learning and Digital Competence. INOOC

Agenda of the Conferences

Video of Presentation of the Conferences



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