Innovative Open Online Culture in the Nuclear Field

Mercedes Alonso-Ramos. INOOC Coordinator

The particular situation of the nuclear sector raises important ETI (Education, Training and Information) needs, where new educational tools and methodologies, and MOOCs in a special way, may play an important role. Nuclear engineers and other specialized personnel working in the sector are ageing, and also new competences are needed for the new conceptual designs of the future nuclear power plants. Furthermore, there is a growing interest to disseminate open online educational contents to society on these subjects. The objective is to shorten the knowledge gap between specialists and the general public. This trend is also in line with European Union objectives, especially regarding the efficient use of resources and the growth of the impact assessment of ETI activities.

INOOC (Innovative Nuclear Open Online Culture) constitutes a multidisciplinary group of academics and researchers of UNED aiming at innovating in the Nuclear Field ETI,  based on the large experience of UNED in distance education, open and online learning. The group collaborates with other external groups of experts in the fields in which INOOC is developing its work.

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Mercedes Alonso Ramos. INOOC Coordinator. UNED


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