The 4th International ESP Conference
"Mediating specialized knowledge: current approaches in ESP research and practice"
29 - 30 October 2020

Online Streaming!

The 4th International ESP Conference

The 4th international ESP Conference is organised and hosted by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain and IESPTA

The Innovative Didactic Group for Open Linguistic Glossary Applications (OLGA) at UNED attempts to: 

    I. Design active methodologies that enrich the teaching-learning process in tertiary education

    II. Foster intervention proposals to avoid and minimize university dropouts in the first years of the official Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at UNED.

    III. Incorporate new didactic trends to the teaching methodology, especially in subjects using English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

International ESP Teachers’ Association (IESPTA) welcomes new members who are interested in any aspects of English for specific Purpose (ESP). Its scope includes all branches of ESP. International ESP Teachers’ Association ‘s main activities are:

    I. Establishing a strong network among ESP Teachers from all over the world.

    II. Organising workshops and conferences which give ESP teachers, lecturers an opportunity to present their studies.

    III. Announcing and sharing relevant events, publications, projects.

    IV. Establishing an open access repository of ESP teaching and learning material produced by lecturers worldwide.

URL: https://esptassociation.com/what-do-we-do/