Introducing safety culture and its application to the nuclear field

30 h

This MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is conceived as a first contact with the safety culture in all areas to continue, then, deepening in more specific concepts in the nuclear field. In order to establish a good safety culture and nuclear safety culture, aligned leadership is necessary. All these aspects will be worked in a dynamic, different and participative way, in which collaborative learning will be a key aspect.


The MOOC structure includes four independent NOOCs (Nano Open Online Courses).


“MOOC Safety Culture: Introduction”. UNED-TECNATOM

David Abarca Ahijado. Safety Management and Leadership Consultant. Tecnatom
Álvaro Pablo Muñoz Rodrigo. Nuclear training specialist. Tecnatom

NOOC I. What is safety culture?


  1. Risks management
  2. Safety culture concepts.
  3. Organizational Culture for safety
  4. Safety I to Safety II.

NOOC II. Understanding Nuclear Safety Culture


  1. Nuclear Energy differentiating characteristics.
  2. Basic Philosophy of Nuclear Safety.
  3. How my work affects safety.
  4. Evolution of the concept “Safety in Depth ´´

NOOC III. Developing leadership for safety


  1. Models and evolution.
  2. Leadership in emergencies.
  3. Skills development.

NOOC IV. Refreshing Nuclear Basics


  1. Links to definitions and basic concepts of the operation of nuclear power plants.

*Detailed Learning Outcomes will be reported later.

Pre-requisites/participant background

  1. What is safety culture? No specific requirements are needed
  2. Understanding nuclear Safety Culture: Basic justifiable knowledge about nuclear technology or the full completion of the “Refreshing Nuclear Basics” NOOC
  3. Developing leadership for safety: No specific requirements are needed
  4. Refreshing Nuclear Basics: Basic engineering knowledge


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Provisional dates 

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Provisional starting date: We are actually in the production process! We will announce the starting date shortly


The satisfactory completion of each NOOC will be certified by UNED. The MOOC certification will be only issued after the four NOOCs completion.

Academic Team

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We highly thank those advertising this initiative within the nuclear sector, but as well towards professionals from other industries (especially high-risk industries), as well as master students of nuclear and other technical studies, to gather a varied audience to enhance global networking and a collaborative learning experience. This course will allow a research study and its dissemination is crucial to achieving massive participation from the main target groups.