This project is focused on the needed principles to provide a quality education for all. In Latin America, it is needed a modernization that allows flexibility, personalization and that increases the quality and credentialing of education, since there is no system of portable profiles within the region for teaching.

In this way, the project is aligned with UNESCO’s goals for quality education such as equal access, since flexibility and personalization are essential to meet the diversity of educational conditions and needs. As well as the goal of acquiring skills relevant to work, which will have a better synergy with the business market and a credentialing that supports it.

Within this context, the project aims to create and test an intelligent system of profiles and portable portfolios for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), which facilitate the implementation of the educational requirements of the 21st century of flexibility, personalization, credentialing, and inclusion ; in synergy with the business network.
Specific objectives:

  • Modernization and streamlining of university management systems, integrating artificial intelligence tools both to facilitate access and interaction of students and to monitor their progress.
  • To promote the flexibility of the university curriculum, facilitating the empowerment of students in the design of careers adapted to their needs and preferences in synergy with the business sector.
  • Creating guidelines and virtual courses for teaching staff on the creation of customizable routes and content, also providing a monitoring system.
  • Develop a unified electronic portfolio system for Latin America.
  • Develop a portable profile system to facilitate personalization of learning.
  • Establish a unified credentialing system for Latin America and the Caribbean, managed through blockchain technology, also defining the interoperability system with universities and companies.

  • Project title YACHAY
  • Funded by European Commission
  • Project Identifier 619410-EPP-1-2020-1-PE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
  • Project Duration From 2020 to 2023
  • Website: