Irene Martínez Marín: Conflicted aesthetic aspirants

Tuesday December 5 2023 @12:00 (CEST)
Sala B, Edificio de Humanidades, UNED & online

Changes in taste and the acquisition of new aesthetic ideals are frequently used examples in the vast philosophical literature on transformative experiences. However, a systematic analysis of what it means to voluntarily undergo a substantive change in one’s aesthetic sensibility has not yet been attempted in the literature. The goal of this presentation is to begin sketching such an account. In doing so, I will develop a view on aesthetic self-transformation that takes into account the particularities of aesthetic aspirants and what constitutes ‘good aesthetic reasoning’ within this transformative process.

Irene Martínez Marín is a researcher and teaching fellow at Uppsala University (Sweden). Her main areas of interest are aesthetics, moral psychology and issues to do with reasons and rationality.