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Humans Energy Consumption


Royal Air Force Lieutenant Levy has been part 

of the first promotion of women selected to 

pilot fighters. She has graduated with MA in 

Defence Studies by Oxford University and 

honours Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. 

Lieutenant Levy must wear a headscarf when she 

goes out to her barracks, the Air Base in Bin- 


She considers that this observance is unfair 

and does not want to renounce to the democratic 

values and the respect of the individual that, 

as military, she has sworn to uphold. 

A few months ago, Levy took a decision which 

put her successful professional career at risk. 

She brought a lawsuit against RAF. 

Yesterday, just before leaving the Army, Levy expressed “my choice shall not have an evocative effect on the audience”.


David Barquín

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Rafael Sánchez Pérez